Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination

Columbia’s Institute for Ideas and Imagination has announced its first cohort of fellows, a group of 16 preeminent scholars, writers, and artists from around the world, including Zosha, who are being brought together for year-long residencies at Reid Hall in Paris. Reid Hall is the home of Columbia Global Centers | Paris. Zosha will begin her residency in September 2018. She will be working on a new piece for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and on a collaboration with the Ensemble Cairn.

Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger said: “The Institute for Ideas and Imagination, led by our eminent colleague Mark Mazower, is an experiment in how to take account of the phenomena of globalization and other modern changes in the world in determining the overall framework of the pursuit of knowledge. This goes beyond the attempt to be more inter-disciplinary, important as that is. It goes to how we think and to what we think is important. The quality of the opening group of fellows gives us enormous hope that this experiment will prove to be seminal.”

Dr. Paul LeClerc, Director of Columbia Global Centers | Paris, who along with Professor Mazower guided the Institute’s development, said: “By siting the Institute at Reid Hall, the Columbia Global Center in Paris, and by attracting to it some of the world's brightest and most creative people, the University demonstrates yet again its embrace of scholarship and creation from around the globe. This shows how Columbia is a leading global, and globally relevant, University.