Dear Life (2015)
for orchestra, soprano, and recorded narrator.
25 mins.
commissioned by NACO.
premiered by NACO; Alexander Shelley, cond., Erin Wall, sop.
Ottawa, September 16, 2015.

Serafiniana (2014)
for orchestra, amplified solo violin, amplified harp, and electronics.
15 mins.
commissioned by Esprit Orchestra with support from Michael Koerner.
premiered by Esprit Orchestra; Alex Pauk, cond., Claudia Schaer, solo vn.
Toronto, May 2014.

Lineage (2013)
for large orchestra.
11 mins.
co-commissioned by San Francisco Symphony, New World Symphony, and Boosey & Hawkes.
premiered by the New World Symphony; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond.*
Miami Beach, April 2013.
(*revised version premiered by the San Francisco Symphony; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond. // San Francisco, September 2013)

Alba (2011)
for orchestra.
9 mins.
commissioned by John Adams.
premiered at the Cabrillo Festival; Marin Alsop, cond.
August 2011


how many bodies have we to pass through (2017)
for solo percussion.
12 mins.
premiered at the Maison Française at Columbia University by Diego Espinosa Cruz Gonzalez
New York, September 22, 2017

Dux (2017)
for solo piano.
12 mins.
commissioned by the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust Fund in collaboration with pianist Julia Den Boer
premiered at the Banff Centre’s Rolston Hall as part of short term artistic residency.
Banff, March 15, 2017.

Patina (2016)
for solo violin.
4 mins.
premiered at National Sawdust as part of the New York Philharmonic Biennial by violinist Jenny Koh.
Brooklyn, May 31, 2016.

Anssi de suite... (2015)
for solo cello.
4 mins.
premiered at the Scandinavia House by Anssi Karttunen.
New York, October 2015.

Du haut de l’Orillon (2007, revised 2008)
for clarinet & live electronics.
9 mins.
premiered at the Hamburg Klangwerktage Festival by a member of the Ensemble Modern Academy.
Hamburg, November 2008.

The Thinking Eye (2006)
for solo piano.
4 mins.
premiered by the composer.
Montreal, March 2006.




Wake, Butterfly (2015)
2 fl, ob, 2 cl, bari sax, 2 perc, pn, sopn, vn, vc.
2 mins.
premiered by ICE.
written in celebration of ICE’s 15th anniversary.
Brooklyn, April 21, 2015.

Phonotopographie (2012)
for 15 musicians.
18 mins.
premiered by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne; Lorraine Vaillancourt, cond.
Montreal, November 2012.

Strange Matter (2011)
for 8 musicians.
9 mins.
premiered by Talea Ensemble, Yoshiaki Onishi, cond.
New York, April 2011.

Cortège (2010)
for 13 musicians.
8 mins.
premiered by members of the Orchestre national de Lorraine; Jean Deroyer, cond.
Metz, July 2010.

L’allée d’ardoise (2009)
for 12 musicians.
10 mins.
premiered by members of the Orchestre de la Francophonie; Jean-Phillipe Tremblay, cond.
Ottowa, June 2009.


The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named (2013)
for six singers and electronics.
12 mins.
commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts.
premiered by Ekmeles; Jeff Gavett, cond.
New York, November 2013.

Trio (2010)*
for two sopranos and baritone.
video installation with Julia Sherman.
7 mins.
performed by Charlotte Mundy, Rachel Arky, and Joshua Arky.
first exhibited in New York, November 2010.
*exists as an electroacoustic piece or as a performed vocal trio outside of the context of the video installation.


Everything Too Big To Take Apart (2012)
for tape and interactive wii controller for dance.
video installation with Julia Sherman.
11 mins.
premiered with ZOO; Thomas Hauert, choreographer.
Paris, June 2012.

Listen to Low (2010)
for tape (flash mob/performance piece).
10 mins.
premiered at Columbia University.
New York, April 2010.


Phonobellow (2015)
for saxophone, bassoon, percussion, piano, violin, electronics, and interactive kinetic sound sculpture.
60 mins.
co-composed with David Adamcyk.
premiered by ICE.
New York/Montreal, March 2015.


Tachitipo (2016)
for 2 pianists, 2 percussionists, and electronics
24 mins.
premiered by Yarn/Wire at Miller Theatre
New York, December 1, 2016.

String Quartet No.1 (2016)
for two violins, viola, and cello.
9 mins.
commissioned by Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, in partnership with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Americas Society.
premiered by the competitors of the 2016 Banff International String Quartet Competition.
Banff, September 2, 2016.

Near Mute Force (2016)
for two female voices, viola, piano, and drum set. (revised to include aux percussion)*
11 mins.
commissioned by the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto.
premiered by the Danns at the University of Toronto.
Toronto, April 7, 2016.
*revised version premiered by Yarn/Wire, Ekmeles and Anne Lanzilotti at Miller Theatre.
New York, December 1, 2016.

The Phonograph (2014)
for baritone, violin, and cello.
10 mins.
premiered during the Creative Dialogues workshop organized by the Sibelius Academy.
Santa Fe, July 2014.

Manif (2013)
for percussion quartet.
15 mins.
co-commissioned by San Francisco Symphony, New World Symphony, and Boosey & Hawkes.
premiered by percussionists of the New World Symphony; Michael Linville, cond.
Miami Beach, March 2013.

Pamplecaribou (2013)
for amplified flute, piano, cello and tape.
2 mins.
premiered by Pamplemousse Ensemble; miniature for BLOCKS project & tour.
New York, April 2013.

Work and Day (2012)
for percussion duo.
3 mins.
premiered by Talujon; miniature homage to Tristan Murail
New York, April 2012.

AKKORD I (2012)
for flute, piano, electronics, and kinetic sculptural installation.
11 mins.
premiered by Electric Noise duo at Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival.
Winnepeg, March 2012.

La forma dello spazio (2010)
for Pierrot ensemble.
8 mins.
commissioned by the Banff Centre with support by Barbara C. Poole & family.
premiered at the Banff Centre, featuring violinist Claudia Schaer; Henk Guittart, cond.
July 2010.

Sulla mappa concava del buio (2010)
for string quartet, soprano, and electronics.
10 mins.
premiered by Julieanne Klein and JACK Quartet.
April 2010.

Four Miniatures for Woodwind Quintet (2009, revised 2010*)
10 mins.
premiered by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne; Lorraine Vaillancourt, cond.
*revised version premiered by Quintette O5.
Montreal, May 2010.

Escapement (2009)
for oboe, saxophone, percussion, piano, and accordion.
12 mins.
premiered at the Tenri Cultural Institute; Yoshiaki Onishi, cond.
New York, March 2009.