Zosha will join the faculty of Yarn/Wire Summer 2018 Institute, working with students in  private lessons, master classes, and seminar-style classes investigating contemporary trends and techniques.


Come join us at McGill University to celebrate the work of Canadian composer Brian Cherney, via conference presentations and concerts of his fantastic music, Oct.27-28. I will be giving a paper on his piano music with the assistance of pianist Julia Den Boer.


I'll be giving a guest lecture to the composers at Brown University on Oct.13th at 1pm, thanks to an invitation from my good friend Lu Wang. Looking forward to meeting their musical community!


Nice blog posts by Steven Hrycelak (bass), and Steven Bradshaw (tenor), on my piece The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named. It's always interesting hearing an analysis from the performer's perspective. Lots of other interesting posts here as well...



Koussevitzky Commission from the Library of Congress

I am very honored to be one of the five composers to receive a Koussevitzky Commission this year from the Library of Congress. I will be using this opportunity to develop a new work for ICE +  conducting percussionist Steve Schick. Congratulations also to Amy Williams, Felipe Lara, David Fulmer, and Alexandre Lunsqui. 

String Quartet No.1 receives 10 premieres at the BISQC!

10 stunning groups gave the world premiere to String Quartet No.1 at the Banff International String Quartet Competition. The Tesla Quartet was awarded the Canadian Commission round, with the Rolston Quartet taking the grand prize. Congratulations to all the groups involved and special thanks to the CBC, the Banff Centre, and the Americas Society for supporting the creation of this work. (link to review in the Calgary Herald)