Wake, butterfly


miniature for 2 fl (w/ or w/out ampl.), ob, cl, bari. sax, 2 perc, sop., vn, vc

2 minutes

Written in celebration of ICE's 15th Anniversary. Premiered April 21st, 2015, by the International Contemporary Ensemble at JACK in Brooklyn

Wake, butterfly - / It's late, we've miles / to go together. [Matsuo Basho]



for 15 musicians (fl, ob, 2 cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, perc, pn, 2 vn, va, vc, cb)

18 minutes

Written for the NEM Forum Canada/Scandinavia Edition. Premiered November 2012, by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt, at the Salle Claude Champagne in Montreal

A semi-autobiographical, semi-fantastical cartography of extra-territorial "faux-folk" music. The sort by an unknown writer, from another age and another country, discovered in an attic, as Italo Calvino would say. This is my imagining of music from a fictitious "old country"  (dedicated to the memory of my grandmother).



for fl, cl, ob, bn, tpt, hn, tbn, hp, perc, vn, va, vc, cb

8 minutes

Written for Acanthes Festival. Premiered July 15th, 2010 by members of the Orchestre national de Lorraine, conducted by Jean Deroyer in Metz, France.

Cortège was inspired by the idea of a strange procession, a relentless succession of people and sounds. Composed in a block-like manner, contrasting textures are juxtaposed in a rich sonic patchwork. This idea stemmed a few lines from Cavafy’s The God Abandons Antony (referencing Plutarch’s story of when Marcus Antonius was besieged in Alexandria by Octavian), and Leonard Cohen’s subsequent adaptation of this poem in the song Alexandra Leaving. The piece begins with a heavy chord which comes back repeatedly throughout the work as a pivot-point between other material. Like the perspective of someone observing a parade from a window above, there is a melancholy awareness of the fleeting nature of the passing revelry. It is the music of impending loss, the night before the city falls into enemy hands or the evening before a lover leaves for good. 

for string quartet, soprano, and electronics

10 minutes

Written for Columbia Composers. Premiered April 24th, 2010, by JACK Quartet and Julieanne Klein at St.Peter's Church Chelsea in New York.

Based on texts by the Ukrainian poet Shevchenko, a fragment of a short story by Calvino, and the writings of Canadian artist Emily Carr



for woodwind quintet

10 minutes

Written for Domaine Forget New Music Session. Premiered August 2009, by le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt, in Ste. Irénée.


2009, rev. 2010