Near mute force


for 2 sopranos, viola, piano, drumset, (aux. perc.) + amplification

11 minutes

Commissioned by the Women's Musical Club of Toronto. Premiered April 7th, 2016, by Stephen Dann's family at the University of Toronto.

A "family-band" piece composed for my friends, the Danns, whose unique hybrid of talents (from jazz improvisation to classically trained chamber music) inspired a contemporary take on the darker undertones of lullabies as a space to give voice to parents' inner thoughts and concerns. Based on excerpts from Rivka Galchen's book Little Labors.

Dear Life


For soprano, recorded narrator, and orchestra

2/2/2/2; 4/2/3/1; Timp; 2 Perc; Sop; Elect; 10/10/6/6/4

25 minutes

*see ORCHESTRAL for more details.

The animal after whom other animals are named


for 6 singers (soprano, mezzo, counter-tenor, tenor, baritone, bass) + electronics

12 minutes

Commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts. Premiered November 15th, by Ekmeles at the DiMenna Center in New York

What began as an attempt to explore aging the voice over the course of a single piece turned into a larger scale compositional time-lapse. This piece marks the first chapter of a long term project. Here, the grain of the voice, with its humanness and animal impulses, wavers between a tone of beseeching invocation or self-doubt, and a defiant proclamation of self-assurance. Text by Nicole Sealey.